Resources For Buying and Operating a Successful Lodging Business

There are resources everywhere to help you do almost anything. Here are some of the best that are related to running a lodging business.

Small Business Administration
Here’s where you can find a lot of information to help you get started on your lodging business. It’s essential to have a business plan when starting up a business and obtaining a loan. The SBA also provides a lot of information about accounting and information you need to keep track of to run a business.

New Hampshire Rooms & Meals Tax
Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the rentals and meals tax in NH. This is very important information when buying any type of lodging property in New Hampshire.

Application for Food and Service License
Under the New Hampshire Dept. of Health & Human Services, you’ll find the annual application for any food service or sales. Detailed information about your ownership, food types and food service, processing/distribution of food, facility design and structural detail, water and waste water treatment, and schedule/hours of operation are among the information requested on the application. Fees as of 2010 range from $50 for Class H to $875 for Class A.

New Hampshire Corporate Division
Here’s where you’ll find all the laws and forms required to open a business in the State of New Hampshire.